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MPL Home Ltd. recalls ‘Lee Stafford Coco Loco Straightener’

March 8, 2018

MPL Home Ltd. has voluntarily recalled its ‘Lee Stafford Coco Loco Straightener’.

An issue has been established and has been described as follows: “we have identified a potential safety hazard involving the swivel mains connection of the appliance, which could result in an electric shock.”

This product has been on sale in the Republic of Ireland in various retail outlets including Tesco and Argos stores.

The recall extends to product batch code 1623 only.

What to do:

First, you should try to identify whether your product is from the affected batch. See image below on where to find the batch number on your product.

If your product is from batch number 1623, then you should stop using the product immediately and contact MLP Home Ltd by free phone number 1800 817 173, or alternatively you can email MPL Home Ltd. will send you a free post label to return your item. Upon receipt, a replacement straightener will be supplied.

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