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Mitsubishi Motors recalls ASX, Lancer, Lancer Sportsback and Space Star Models

December 19, 2018

Mitsubishi Motors is carrying out a voluntary recall of its ASX, Lancer, Lancer Sportsback and Space Star Models.  These particular vehicles are being recalled because:

  • Description of the technical defect that leads to the highest risk level:

Due to an inappropriate ECU programming for the battery state of charge (S.O.C.), the AS&G ECU may decide it can stop the engine even if the battery is deteriorated, i.e. the S.O.C is below the set threshold for AS&G correct operation.

  • Risk description (how the technical defect leads to the risk):

In this case, the battery may have insufficient capacity to be able to restart the engine. In heavy traffic conditions this can be a hazard as the engine cannot be re-started.

These cars were produced from June 2010 to April 2018 and 660 vehicles are affected

Model Production Years
ASX 2011 to 2017
Lancer 2011
Lancer Sportback 2011
Space Star 2013 to 2018

What to do:

The owners of all affected vehicles will be contacted by letter and asked to take their vehicle to a Mitsubishi dealer or authorised repairer for remedial action.


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