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Microsoft Power Cord Replacement Program

January 22, 2016

Microsoft has launched a voluntary replacement and consumer education program for AC power cords sold with all Microsoft Surface Pro and Microsoft Surface Pro 2 devices and with Microsoft Surface Pro 3 devices purchased prior to July 15 2015.

Microsoft Surface Pro AC Power CordMicrosoft Surface Pro AC Power Supply

AC power cord                           AC power supply

What to do:

Consumers who may have purchased a Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2 or Surface Pro 3 prior to July 15 2015, Microsoft recommends you get a free replacement AC power cord as soon as possible. To check if you qualify for a free replacement and to begin the exchange process, please visit the website

If you have any other questions regarding your Surface Pro, please click on this link  Surface Support team, to contact the  Microsoft support team  or alternatively  you may speak to the support team by telephone  on  01 901 4837.

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