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Medela is launching a voluntary replacement program for UK (Type G) detachable power plugs

September 29, 2016

Medela is launching a voluntary replacement program for certain detachable power plugs. The detachable plug connects to a power supply base which is included in a breast pump system. Since June 2012, Medela has marketed both breast pump systems and replacement power supplies (with enclosed plug adapters). The Medela breast pumps with affected detachable power plugs are Swing Maxi, Swing and Freestyle.

UK (Type G) detachable power plugs

Product numbers Swing maxi

200.4726, 040.0005, 040.0007, 040.0010, 040.0014, 040.0015, 040.0016, 040.0019, 040.0024

Product numbers Freestyle

042.0009, 042.0011, 042.0013, 042.0013 01, 042.0015, 099.0272, 099.0274

Product numbers Swing

200.4730, 030.0030, 030.0032, 030.0035, 030.0039, 030.0039 01, 030.0043, 030.0044, 030.0048, 030.0052, 030.0056, 030.0057, 099.0017

This voluntary replacement program only applies to detachable power plugs for UK and Irish sockets. Other products or power supply adapters for other sockets are not affected by this voluntary replacement program. In particular, please note that the Medela breast pumps themselves, Swing Maxi, Swing and Freestyle are not affected.

What to do

As a precautionary measure, Medela asks consumers to comply with the following:

  1. While removing an affected power supply adapter from the socket, do not shake, apply as little force as possible, and handle the whole adapter with utmost attention and caution. If you apply a certain level of force, an affected detachable power plug might break apart.
  2. If the detachable power plug breaks, turn off the power source before removing it from the wall. Remove the detachable power plug from the power socket and do not use it before a replacement is sent to you.
  3. You may use the breast pumps Swing and Swing Maxi with batteries instead of the affected power supply adapter.
  4. If you have an affected detachable power plug for Irish sockets, please contact Medela immediately. You will receive a free-of-charge replacement as soon as possible.

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