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Mazda Recalls RX 8 passenger vehicles

September 20, 2018

Mazda Ireland is carrying out a voluntary recall of model RX 8 passenger vehicles.

Mazda has identified a safety issue, whereby, the crack on the socket of the front lower transverse link can lead to breakage. Other safety issues include, heat and ageing can possibly lead to fuel leakages.

Model Mazda RX 8 affects 438 vehicles in the Irish market that were manufactured between July 2003 and February 2008.

What to do:

Mazda Ireland will be writing directly to those customers involved in this recall to arrange to have the transverse links, end caps and fuel pump unit inspected and replaced.  The letter will also advise consumers affected by this voluntary recall to contact their nearest Mazda Dealer/Authorised Repairer who will arrange to do the repair free of charge. Mazda Ireland can be contacted on: 01 233 4700.

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