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Mazda Ireland recalls 323/323F, 626/MX-6, 121, Demio, MX-3, MPV, 929

November 22, 2016

Mazda Ireland is carrying out a voluntary recall of the following vehicles:

1. Mazda 323/323F – model: BG, BA, BB, BC, CB

2. Mazda 626/MX-6 model: GE, GF

3. Mazda 121 – model DB

4. Mazda Demio – model DW

5. Mazda MX-3 – model EC

6. Mazda MPV – model LV

7. Mazda 929 – model HD

Produced by Mazda Motor Corporation in Japan and USA.

During production process too much grease was applied to the contact points inside the ignition switch. Over the time the contact points inside ignition switch may become carbonized, become conductive to the electricity and overheat.  If the ignition switch were to overheat, smoke may occur, there is a risk of fire.

There are 31,038 affected vehicles on the Irish market.

What to do:

Mazda Ireland will be writing directly to those owners involved to arrange to have their vehicles fitted with a new ignition switch.

The letter will advise you to contact your nearest Mazda dealer who will arrange to do the refit free of charge.  You can also contact Mazda Ireland directly on 01 2334700.

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