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Lidl Ireland Recalls “Playtive Junior” Wooden Toy

May 27, 2019

Lidl is carrying out a voluntary recall of “Playtive Junior” Wooden toy. The risk identified is that there are small parts becoming loose which could become loose and may be a choking hazard.

This product was sold in Lidl Ireland stores from March 2019. Approximately 1243 units have been sold in the Republic of Ireland. This recall affects Model No: HG04414 and version 11/2018. This information can be found on the base of the product as shown below.

What to do:

If you believe you have purchased the ‘playtive Junior’ wooden toy with Model No: HG04414, please discontinue use immediately and keep it out of reach of children. Return the item to the any Lidl Ireland store with or without a receipt a full refund will be given.

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