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Kia Motors Ltd recall Niro

August 8, 2018

KIA Motors Europe GmbH, Theodor-Heuss-Allee, 11 60486 Frankfurt, Germany is voluntarily recalling its Niro having identified that, on a number of units, oil may leak on the power electrode inside hydraulic clutch actuator (HCA) leading to oil accumulation in the cap area.


This may result in an electrical short, which can increase risk of a fire, posing a risk to persons.



255 units were sold in Ireland from January to September 2017.

What To Do

Please contact your local Kia dealer to make an appointment for this recall to be carried out.

Kia Motors will carry out an inspection of your vehicle and fit a modified oil seal, if required.

This work is covered by the terms of Kia’s extended 7 year warranty.

A list of Kia dealers can be found on

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