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Kenwood recalls Blend-X Pro Blender

August 14, 2015

Kenwood is undertaking a voluntary corrective action plan that affects the Blend-X Pro blender, (ONLY model BLM80 is affected). Kenwood has determined that there is the potential for the lower blade to break and this can result in a laceration or an ingestion hazard to the consumer.

Products affected have date codes between 14×01 to 15×22 (“x” is a letter: e.g. 14T01). Check the model number and date code on the rating plate, located on the underside of the product.

Kenwood Blend-X Pro Blender

What to do

  • If you have this product, stop using it immediately.
  • To speak to a Kenwood representative please call phone number 1-800-938-709
  • Further information can be had from Web site:
  • You may also contact the store where bought the item.
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