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Information video on unsafe cords and drawstrings in children’s clothing

June 22, 2010

Every year, accidents happen to children around the world due to the presence of cords and drawstrings in clothes. Long strings, especially in hoods or collars, may strangle a child if they get stuck or tangled up, whether during playtime, when boarding or alighting from vehicles or in a range of situations around the home.

A recent report highlighted incidences of non-compliance with the relevant European Standard, European Cords and Drawstrings Standard EN 14682, in this area. In association with PROSAFE (the Product Safety Enforcement Forum of Europe) and the European Commission, 11 EU member states including Ireland , represented by the NCA, have now produced a video to inform consumers, manufacturers, importers, designers, retailers and parents and guardians of the risks posed by these garments.

View the video on unsafe cords and drawstrings on YouTube.

Advice to parents, guardians and carers:

  • Clothes for children up to seven years (height 1.34 m) should not have cords or drawstrings in the hood and neck area
  • Clothes for children aged between seven and 14 should not have cords longer than 75 mm in the hood and neck area or drawstrings with free ends. Cords in the hood and neck area should not be elastic except for shoulder straps and halter necks
  • Clothes for children shall not have cords or drawstrings with free ends longer than 140 mm in the chest and waist area
  • Halter neck-style children’s clothes should not have loose ends in the hood and neck area.
  • Children’s clothes intended to be tied at the front should not have tied belts or sashes longer than 360mm, when measured untied from the point where they are to be tied.
  • Other cords or drawstrings on children’s clothes should not trail below the sleeve or hem of garments. Drawstrings, functional cords and decorative cords at the bottom hem of long-legged trousers shall be totally on the inside of the garment.
  • Homemade children’s clothes should also meet these requirements
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