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Hoover frost-free fridge freezer safety alert

April 1, 2013

Hoover is carrying out a recall on some models of Hoover frost-free fridge freezers produced between August (week 34) 2011 and August (week 34) 2012.

Hoover have identified a fault that may cause the product to overheat which could result in fire.

The models affected are:







What to do:

To check if you fridge freezer is affected, open the fridge and remove the salad crisper drawer. Locate the appliance rating label behind the drawer. The appliance model number and date code are located at the top of the label.

The date code has 4 digits. The first two digits refer to the year of production, and the second two digits refer to the week of production. In the example below, the fridge was produced in 2012 (12) in week 24 (24).

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