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Honda recalls Jazz, Civic, Accord and CRV models

February 23, 2015

Honda Ireland is recalling certain Jazz, Civic, Accord and CRV models produced during 2003 and 2004.

The recall is being carried out due to a potential problem with the passenger side air bag inflator. The airbag could deploy abnormally in a crash which could possibly lead to injury. This is a separate recall to previous recalls relating to this issue.

There are approximately 1000 vehicles affected in Ireland.

What to do
Honda Ireland will be contacting the owners of all affected vehicles by mail and asking them to take their vehicle to a Honda dealer or authorised repairer. The dealer will arrange for the replacement of the inflator. This work will be carried out at no cost to the owner.

You can get more information from Honda Ireland on (01) 6423100 or by emailing

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