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Honda Ireland recalls passenger vehicles of Civic 5dr, Civic Type R & CR-V

November 23, 2018

Universal Honda Ltd is carrying out a voluntary recall of certain models Civic 5dr, Civic Type R & CR-V.

A regulation defect exists in certain Honda Civic 5dr, Civic Type R & CR-V models because they may have been supplied:

  1. Without an owner’s manual,
  2. With an owner’s manual in the incorrect language for the destination,
  3. With an owner’s manual that was unsuitable for that specification of vehicle.

There have been 60 affected vehicles placed on the Irish market.

What to do:

Universal Honda Ltd has decided to take preventative recall action. The owners of all affected vehicles will be contacted by and asked to take their vehicle to a Honda dealer or authorised repairer.

The dealer will check the owner’s manual to confirm that the correct version has been supplied. If the manual is missing or incorrect, the dealer will provide a replacements owner’s manual. The repair will be carried out free of charge to the customer.

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