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Honda Ireland recalls passenger vehicles of Accord, Jazz, Civic, CR-V, Insight & Legend

February 5, 2018

Honda Ireland is carrying out a voluntary recall of certain models of the Accord, Jazz, Civic, CR-V, Insight & Legend.

In January 2018, the airbag inflator supplier Takata submitted a defect Information Report (DIR) to US authority. According to the DIR, the ammonium nitrate propellant used in their non-desiccated air bag inflators may degrade over time due heat cycles and exposure to moisture. In the event, that the airbag is activated, it may overinflate due to overly aggressive combustion of the propellant. As a result, the excessive internal pressure may cause the inflator body to rupture and metal fragments may pass through the cushion material causing injury to the vehicle occupants.

There have been 435 affected vehicles placed on the Irish market.

What to do:

Honda Motor Co Ltd has decided to take preventative recall action. The owners of all affected vehicles will be contacted by and asked to take their vehicle to a Honda dealer or authorised repairer.

The dealer will arrange for the replacement of the inflator inside the passengers airbag module with a new one. This work will be carried out at no cost to the owner.


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