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Honda Ireland recalls HR-V vehicles

October 2, 2018

Honda Ireland is carrying out a voluntary recall of HR-V 1.5 Petrol RU1 models which were manufactured between 29th September 2014 and 19th April 2018:

In certain vehicles, during vehicle assembly, the cabin wiring harness was pulled to make the process easier to manage. By pulling the harness a clip was broken or dislodged resulting in the harness not being correctly secured in the front left chassis rail / suspension turret area.

In around 10% of affected units, the harness makes contact with the transmission mount. The vibration of the transmission can cause the harness to be damaged. If the conductors are exposed this can result in a short circuit and blown fuse.

149 vehicles have been affected in the Republic of Ireland.


What to do:

Honda Ireland will contact the owners of affected vehicles and advise them to take their vehicle to a Honda Ireland dealer.

This work will be carried out at no cost to the owner.

You can get more information from Honda Ireland on (01) 642 3100 or by emailing

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