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Hitachi and Tanaka Brush Cutter/Pole Saw/Pole Hedge Trimmer

August 12, 2014

Hitachi Power Tools UK has issued a voluntary recall of the following products:

Hitachi models:

Model Number  Sales Start
CG22EAS  Jan 2010
CG22EAD  Dec 2009
CG22EAB  Dec 2009
CG24EASP  June 2010
CG27EASP  June 2010
CS27EPAP  April 2013
CH27EPAP  Feb 2013
CG25EUS  Sep 2009
CG40EAS  Nov 2009

Tanaka models:

Model Number  Sales Start
TCG22EAS  Feb 2010
TCG22EAD  April 2010
TCG22EAB  April 2010
TCG24EASP  Dec 2011
TCG27EASP  Dec 2011
TCS27EPAP  July 2013
TCH27EPAP  April 2013


The model number can be found on the circular plate on the starter pull housing, as in the photographs below:

Hitachi Power Tool

Tanaka Power Tool
These products have a manufacturing defect which may cause the exhaust to become very hot so that there is a risk of suffering a burn in the event of accidental contact with the exhaust cover, or, in extreme cases, a risk that the machine could catch fire.

1,632 of these affected models have been sold on the Irish market.

What to do
If you have an affected product, please stop using it immediately.

In order to have your product modified to make it safe, please contact Hitachi so that arrangements can be made for its return.

Telephone: 1800 937 500 (free call from landlines only)

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