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Harvey Norman (Trading) Ireland recall ‘Freddie’ dining table

April 4, 2019

Harvey Norman (Trading) Ireland Limited is carrying out a voluntary recall of its ‘Freddie’ dining table. The safety concern identified is the potential for table to collapse due to the frame being unsteady. This presents a risk of injuries.

The ‘Freddie’ dining table is sold as part of the 7 piece ‘Freddie’ dining set, barcode UDT8003.

Approximately 122 affected units have been sold in the Republic of Ireland.

Image 1: ‘Freddie’ Dining Table

What to do:

If you have this product, then you can return it to any Harvey Norman store where a full refund will be provided.

If you have any further queries about this recall campaign, you can contact Harvey Norman’s Customer Service Team on 01 897 1520.

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