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Gowen & Bradshaw Limited recall power adapter

December 20, 2019

Gowen & Bradshaw Limited is carrying out a voluntary recall of its ‘Li-ion adapter’ product sold with a 150mm handheld luminator. The safety concern is that the power adapter could pose a risk of electric shock.

This recall affects product item number 229YL which was on sale instore and via a number of online stores across Ireland in October 2014.

Approximately 8,900 units have been sold onto the Irish market.

Image 1: Li-ion Power Adapter

What to do:

If you believe that you may have this product then you should stop using it immediately.

Consumers can return the product to the point of purchase, where a full refund will be provided.

Affected consumers may contact Gowen and Bradshaw by email at: if they have any further queries.

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