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Ford recalls certain KA and Figo passenger vehicles

August 15, 2019

Ford Ireland is carrying out a voluntary recall of certain KA and Figo passenger vehicles.

There is a risk of the un-fused Battery Monitoring System (BMS) wire chafing, as a result of an incorrectly routed wire to the vehicles battery. If the wire is routed incorrectly, this could lead to a pinch condition under the battery metal bracket, which may lead to a short circuit, which could result in a fire.

The vehicles in question were manufactured between 08/09/2017 and 15/05/2019.

This recall affects 243 vehicles in the Republic of Ireland.

What to do:

Ford Ireland will write to owners of affected vehicles in relation to this recall and advise of further steps.

Ford Customer Care can be contacted on 1800 771199, or alternatively, speak to your local Ford Retailer for further information.

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