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Ford recalls certain “Kuga PHEV” passenger vehicles

August 21, 2020

Henry Ford & Son Limited is carrying out a voluntary recall of certain “Kuga PHEV” passenger vehicles. The affected vehicles were produced between 1 July 2019 and 5 June 2020.

A safety issue has been identified, whereby it is possible that due to physical damage to the Secondary On-Board Diagnostic Control Module A (SOBDM) and / or the SOBDM connector, this may result in water ingress to the module which may cause an electrical short. A short in the SOBDM could possibly cause one or more battery cells to overheat increasing the risk of a fire.

The recall affects approximately 329 vehicles in the Republic of Ireland.

What to do:

Henry Ford & Son Limited will directly contact all affected customers by post advising them to make an appointment with their local authorised repairer where any necessary repairs/replacement of parts will be carried out.

If you believe that your vehicle may be impacted by this recall, then you can contact Henry Ford & Son Limited‘s Customer Service on 1800 771 199 (open 9 am – 5 pm Monday to Friday) or alternatively by using the online chat feature available on their website.

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