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Earthmother recalls amber teething accessories

September 23, 2014

At the request of the National Consumer Agency, has carried out a voluntary recall of an amber teething accessory as it poses a potential choking hazard to children under 36 months of age.

Earthmother has cooperated with the Agency to ensure that the product has been withdrawn from sale and recalled from consumers.

The affected product is Earthmother ‘Amber Necklace – Cherry’

This item has been sold through the company’s website and may also have been sold through other retail outlets.

Laboratory test results have indicated that if a child under 36 months puts this product into their mouth there is a potential risk that they could choke on the necklace or the beads could break apart or shatter when force is applied, releasing small parts that could pose a choking or inhalation hazard.

What to do

If you have purchased any of the affected teething jewellery accessories for your child, please stop using it immediately and contact the company.

Consumers are invited to inform the Agency if they become aware of any retailer selling amber teething accessories. Please contact the Agency’s Consumer Helpline at lo-call 1890 432 432 or email

Further information for consumers on Product Safety issues, including amber teething jewellery, is available from

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