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Dimplex and Winterwarm recall heaters

January 22, 2015

Dimpco has identified a safety issue with a plug fitted to a batch of portable fan heaters. There is a risk that the plug may overheat in use, leading to the potential exposure of live parts and electric shock. Affected models can be identified by the brand ‘TOWELL’ on the plug. Heaters which were purchased prior to November 1st 2014 are not affected.

The affected models are as follows:

  • Dimplex model number: DEUF2. This product was only available in Argos under catalogue number 415 3836.
  • Winterwarm model number: WWUF2T was available in retailers from November 1st 2014.

There were approximately 1,000 of these units sold in Ireland between November and December 2014.

Dimplex and Winterwarm heaters

What to do
If you do have an affected heater, Dimpco advises you to stop using it immediately by switching the heater off at the mains socket and also allow time for the plug to cool before unplugging the heater from the socket.

You can call their customer helpline on telephone number 1800 569 569 (opening hours 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday), or email so Dimpco can arrange a replacement heater.

If you are affected by this recall, Dimpco urges you to contact them about this important safety issue as soon as possible.

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