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Citroen recalls C4 (B7), DS4, C5(X7) and DS5

July 26, 2017

Citroen Ireland is carrying out a voluntary recall of certain C4 (B7), DS4,  C5(X7) and DS5 vehicles.

This recall only affects 36 vehicles in Ireland. On affected vehicles, the orientation of the starter supply lug might be non-compliant. Contact with a nearby metal part could cause a short-circuit. The operation involves checking the orientation of the lug, and rectifying it if necessary.

What to do:

All affected customers will be notified directly by post by Citroen inviting them to contact their nearest Citroen dealer to arrange for the necessary work to be carried out free of charge.

If you have any concerns or you would like further information on this recall, please contact Citroen Customer Service on 01- 810 8800

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