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Citroën recalls C-Crosser model passenger car

May 24, 2018

Citroën is carrying out a voluntary recall of its C-Crosser passenger car models which were manufactured between April 2007 and April 2012.

The recall is due to a potential safety issue affecting “…the vent mechanism for the front windscreen-wiper motor and of the impermeability of the windscreen-wiper mechanism. In some cases water could enter, resulting in the windscreen-wiper mechanism and motor becoming completely blocked because of internal corrosion, thus leading to reduced visibility for the driver during rain.”

There are 112 affected vehicles on the Irish market. Affected VIN numbers range:  VF7******8U950205 to VF7******CU905877.

What to do:

Citroën will contact all affected vehicle owners advising them to bring the vehicle to an appointed garage to have necessary repairs and replacement of parts carried out.

You can reach Citroën Ireland Contact Centre on (01) 810 88 00.

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