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B&Q recalls mirrored door of certain GoodHome Perma cabinets

June 3, 2022

B&Q Ireland Ltd is carrying out a recall of the mirrored doors of the following cabinets:

A safety issue has been identified, where mirror of the door may fall off and break, resulting in glass shards causing injury.

There are approximately 155 affected units in the Republic of Ireland.

Figure 1: GoodHome Perma satin white wall-mounted mirrored door cabinet (Barcodes: 5059340018140 & 5059340256986)

Figure 2: GoodHome Perma satin blue wall-mounted mirrored door cabinet (Barcodes: 5059340018690 & 5059340257228)

Figure 3: GoodHome Perma satin grey wall-mounted mirrored door cabinet (Barcodes: 5059340018249 & 5059340257075)

Figure 4: GoodHome Perma
satin white tall freestanding mirrored door bathroom cabinet (Barcodes: 5059340018157 & 5059340256993)

Figure 5: GoodHome Perma satin blue tall freestanding mirrored door bathroom cabinet (Barcodes: 5059340018706 & 5059340257235)

Figure 6: GoodHome Perma satin grey tall freestanding mirrored door bathroom cabinet (Barcodes: 5059340018256 & 5059340257082)

What to do:

If you believe that you have one of these products then you should stop using it immediately, and contact B&Q for a full refund or replacement of the mirrored door.

For further inquiries you can contact B&Q customer support on 1800 946 327, email b&, or further details on their website (link Product recalls and safety notices).


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