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Boots recall baby soothers

October 24, 2017

As a precautionary measure Boots are voluntarily recalling their Boots Baby Airflow Soother 0-6 months, code number, 62-69-044 and their Boots Baby Airflow Soother 6 months+ code number, 62-69-052.

Boots have identified that the Silicone “baglet” can become torn during the manufacturing process. There is a small risk that the “baglet” may detach from the main plastic casing whilst in a child’s mouth, presenting a risk of choking, so as a precautionary measure, Boots are recalling this product from their customers.


Boots Baby Airflow Soother 0-6 months. code number, 62-69-044

Boots Baby Airflow Soother 6 months+ code number, 62-69-052

What to do

Boots advice is to stop using these soothers immediately. If you have bought this product for someone else would you please let them know about this recall as soon as possible. No other soothers in this line are affected.

Please return the soother(s) to your nearest Boots store where you will receive an exchange, alternative product or a refund.

If you do have any concerns or need any further advice, then please speak to someone at your local Boots store or call the Boots Customer Care team on 1800 509 115. Minicom users can call 1890 252 064.


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