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BMW recalls Passenger vehicles BMW X5 Right Hand Drive Model E53

September 17, 2018

BMW Ireland is carrying out a voluntary recall of BMW X5 model E53 manufactured between March 01, 2001 and February 28, 2002.

Due to inadequate coding data, an impulse entry into airbag control unit, which may occur, when the engine is switched off with the right hand and actuation of parking brake lever with left hand, may cause the acceleration sensors to detect a triggering signal.  This could lead to an unintentional activation of the front airbags.

This recall affects 45 vehicles in Ireland.

What to do:

BMW Ireland will be writing directly to those owners involved in the recall to arrange to have their vehicles inspected and if necessary the airbag control unit will enter the correct coding data. The letter will advise you to contact your nearest BMW dealer who will arrange to do the inspection free of charge. You can also contact BMW Ireland directly on 1890 719 421.


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