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BMW recalls certain ‘1 series’, ‘2 series Gran Coupe’, ‘F40’ and ‘F44’ passenger vehicles

May 28, 2020

BMW is carrying out a voluntary recall of certain ‘1 series’, ‘2 series Gran Coupe’, ‘F40’, and ‘F44’ passenger vehicles.

In the vehicles concerned, the driver airbag may be damaged when it is activated. This would result in the airbag failing to inflate sufficiently, and thus not offering any restraining effect. Furthermore, the driver could be injured by leaking hot gases from the gas generator.

The vehicles in question were manufactured between 25 January 2020 and 12 March 2020. There are approximately 274 vehicles affected on the Irish Market.

What to do:

BMW Automotive Ireland Limited will be writing directly to all affected customers advising them to make an appointment with their local dealer/authorised repairer, where any necessary repairs/replacement of parts will be carried out. The repair will be carried out free of charge.

If you believe that your vehicle may be impacted by this recall then you can contact BMW Customer Service directly on 1890 719 421, or alternatively on the following web form.

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