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BMW recall 5er and X5 models

March 26, 2019

BMW Ireland is recalling 5er and X5 models produced between April 2000 and September 2004.

Owing to retrofitting of the steering wheel, the vehicles concerned could be equipped with a driver airbag whose gas generator could burst in the event of airbag activation if it had been exposed to high air humidity, high temperatures and considerable temperature fluctuations over several years. This may result in metal parts being discharged, which could lead to injury or death of the vehicle occupants.

The recall affects 1558 vehicles in Ireland.

What to do:

BMW Ireland will be writing directly to those customers affected in this recall to arrange to have the affected parts in their vehicles replaced.

The letter will advise consumers affected by this voluntary recall to contact their nearest BMW Dealer/Authorised Repairer who will arrange to do the repair free of charge.

BMW Ireland can be contacted on: 1890 719 421

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