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B & Q Safety Notice for Weyburn external light range

January 10, 2019

B & Q has identified a safety issue for the below listed Weyburn external light range. There may be a risk of water ingress in all below mentioned products.

It is possible to incorrectly install this product using the wrong type of cable (flat, twin and earth type cable). This may cause the product to be affected by water ingress, potentially causing a risk of electrocution.

B & Q would like to make customers aware that only round 3 core cable, with a minimum 6mm diameter should be used.

3,420 units have been sold in the Republic of Ireland stores.

Image 1 : Affected Weyburn external lights

Table 1: List of affected Weyburn external lights

Weyburn Lights Description
3663602893349 Weyburn 10W PIR Black Security Light
3663602893462 Weyburn 20W White 1600LM Floodlight
3663602893332 Weyburn 10W Black 5000K 800LM Floodlight
3663602893356 Weyburn 20W Black Floodlight
3663602893370 Weyburn 30W Black Floodlight
3663602893493 Weyburn 30W PIR White Security Light
3663602893479 Weyburn 20W PIR White Security Light
3663602892779 Weyburn LED Spike Reflector Floodlight
3663602893455 Weyburn 10W PIR White Security Light
3663602893387 Weyburn 30W PIR Black Security Light
3663602893486 Weyburn 30W White 2400LM Floodlight
3663602893448 Weyburn 10W White 800LM Floodlight
3663602893363 Weyburn 20W PIR Black Security Light

What to do:

Please check with your installer that only the correct cable has been fitted. Prior to inspection or if water is present in the light, switch off power supply. If in doubt about your installation, please consult a qualified electrician.

For more information please call the helpline: UK: 0300 303 4482 / ROI: 1800 946 327*

*Monday to Friday 8.30am–8pm, Saturday 9am–5pm and Sunday 10am–4pm


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