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B & Q Ireland Safety Notice for Humberto Shower Head

March 13, 2019

B & Q Ireland has identified a safety issue for the below listed Humberto Shower Head, the product is not compatible with electric showers.

When installed to an electric shower, use of the flow restriction feature may result in scalding water building up in the shower carrying a risk of burns. Use with mixer showers does not present this risk.

3,420 units have been sold in the Republic of Ireland stores, the products have been on sale since April 2017.

What to do:

If you have one of these products in use with an electric shower, please stop using the flow restriction feature immediately and return the product to your local store.

For more information please call the helpline: UK: 0300 303 4482 / ROI: 1800 946 327*

*Monday to Friday 8.30am–8pm, Saturday 9am–5pm and Sunday 10am–4pm

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