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Audi recalls Q7

October 1, 2016

As a result of Audi’s continuous quality monitoring it has been found on Audi Q7 vehicles built with 7 seats and manufactured between January 2015 and June 2016 that the indentations on the cross piece of the third row of seats were faulty. As a result, the third row of seats may deform in the event of an accident. A support bracket must therefore be retrofitted on the vehicles affected.

A total of 336 vehicles are affected by this recall in Ireland. There have been no reported incidents in Ireland.

What to Do

Audi Ireland is currently contacting all customers who purchased the affected vehicles. Customers affected by this recall should contact an authorised Audi Dealer so that the required work can be performed promptly but owners can continue to use their vehicles until this is complete. This work will be free of charge.

A list of all authorised Audi Dealers is available on the Audi Ireland website

Any Audi customer who have a query about this recall can contact Audi Ireland on 1850 812 760 or by email at

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