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Argos Distributors (Ireland) Limited t/a Argos recalls Eton Fabric Sofas and Footstool in Grey, and Charcoal

March 10, 2023

Argos Distributors (Ireland) t/a Argos is carrying out a recall of Eton Fabric Sofas and Footstool in Grey, and Charcoal.

Eton Fabric and footstool in grey and charcoal

The product failed to meet the required fire safety standards and if exposed to a naked flame, the cover fabric could catch fire. This may lead to fire and burns. Other upholstery materials used to make this product (such as foam and fibre) are unaffected by this issue and comply with the fire safety standards.

The brand is Habitat. The type/number of model is Eton. Please see the Argos product recall page where catalogue numbers of the affected products are given.

The affected product was sold in Argos stores or after 14 March 2022.

There is 1 affected product in the Republic of Ireland.

What to do:

If consumers purchased this product, please contact the Customer Service Team via phone on 1 800 535 091 or alternatively via email on to arrange delivery of an alternative model or refund. In both cases you must still be in possession of your Eton product(s) and these must be made available to collect.

In the meantime, the Sofa/ Footstool can still be used, provided consumers ensure it doesn’t come into contact with fire sources for example, matches etc.


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