32,431 consumers contacted CCPC helpline in 2022

March 14, 2023

The CCPC has marked World Consumer Rights Day by releasing its 2022 Contacts Report. The report details the queries and complaints made by the 32,431 consumers who contacted the CCPC’s helpline last year.

  • Issues with vehicles and transport topped the list of consumer concerns for the second year in a row
  • Over 7,000 consumers were referred to the Small Claims Court for redress
  • Calls about utilities and fuel more than doubled

The vast majority (90%) of consumer contacts were related to Irish-based businesses, with in-store shopping gaining ground against online shopping after 2021. 7,352 consumers were referred to the Small Claims Court, with electronics and audio visual (850) and domestic appliances (822) topping the list of sectors referred to the Court.

The report also reveals that the CCPC’s online Money Tools were used over 675,000 times in 2022, with consumers flocking to use the Mortgage Comparison Money Tool and the Mortgage Calculator Money Tool, among others. Mortgages also topped the list of personal finance calls to the helpline, with current accounts in second place.

The exit of Ulster Bank and KBC from the Irish market, along with consumer-focused information campaigns run by the CCPC, drove high levels of consumer interest in the CCPC Current Account Comparison Money Tool.

Kevin O’Brien, Member of the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission, said:

“It’s clear from this report that consumers face a wide variety of issues across sectors, but there is good news for Irish consumers this World Consumer Rights Day. We now have stronger and clearer remedies for consumers dealing with faulty goods and services, so whether there’s a strange noise coming from your new car or you can’t log in to your online streaming service, you have rights.”

“Value for money is of paramount importance to consumers this year, and consumers have a right to reliable goods and services. Unscrupulous traders depend on people not exercising their rights.”

“Our helpline operators can be the first to see the effects of changes to consumer legislation, and the Consumer Rights Act is no exception. When someone rings up unhappy with a consumer experience or seeking information, it’s wonderful to be able to give them good news about their rights and to assist them in benefitting from these rights.”

For more information read the 2022 Contacts Report.

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