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  • Notification form – please note to use this form, you will need to right click on the link ‘Notification form’ and save the document as a PDF to your PC.

If you are a consumer and you have found an unsafe product please click here.

The Role of the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission

The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) is the market surveillance authority and the competent authority in Ireland for safety of non-food consumer products covered by certain EU Directives. These Directives have been transposed into Irish law by way of Regulations.

Visit our Product Safety Legislation page to view a list of these Regulations. We are also responsible for enforcing legislation with regard to textile labelling.

As part of our market surveillance function, we have responsibility for the monitoring and processing of non-food consumer product recalls in Ireland. Recalls are where businesses seek the return of an unsafe product from consumers.

We also are the Irish contact point for the European Commission’s Internet-based rapid alert system for the notification on hazardous non-food consumer items (RAPEX). Visit the European Commission’s RAPEX website for more information.

Our aim is to work with businesses to ensure that goods placed on the Irish market do not pose a risk to Irish consumers. We are also available to assist businesses with any recall or general product safety queries they may have.

Obligations on businesses when conducting a recall

Under the European Communities (General Product Safety) Regulations 2004, a business is obliged to inform both the manufacturer (if it is not the manufacturer) and the competent authority as soon as it becomes aware that a non-food consumer product may pose a risk to the safety and health of consumers.

A business must also inform consumers of unsafe products on the Irish market.

If the business is conducting a recall, it is obliged to notify the CCPC of the actions it proposes taking. If the recall involves a product that has been placed on more than one market (two Member States or more), we are required to notify the European Commission via RAPEX. The European Commission then transmits this information to all EU Member States.

What a business needs to know when conducting a recall

Download the notification form (please note to use this form, you will need to right click on the link ‘notification form’ and save the document as a PDF to your PC.) for notifying the CCPC of a non-food consumer product recall.

Complete the notification form in full highlighting the country of origin of the product and the countries it is destined for. Return the form by email to or post to the Product Safety Team at: CCPC, Bloom House, PO Box 12585, Railway Street, Dublin 1, D01 C576.

Directions issued under the Low Voltage Electrical Regulations

The following directions have been issued by the CCPC:

17 December 2015:

18 December 2015:

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