Product safety

Product safety

The CCPC is responsible for the safety of non-food consumer products covered by certain EU Directives in Ireland, and for monitoring and processing consumer product recalls.

Product safety legislation

Find out more about product safety legislation and the relevant legislation that applies to your business.

Notify an unsafe product

Find out how to notify an unsafe product to the CCPC.

Safety Gate RAPEX reports

We are also the Irish contact point for the European Commission’s Internet-based rapid alert system for the notification on hazardous non-food consumer items (Safety Gate).

Child safety and window blind cords

Find out how to keep children safe from window blind cords which can pose a serious risk.

Toy safety

All businesses involved in placing toys on the market, including manufacturers, importers, distributors and retailers, have specific duties in ensuring that toys meet strict safety standards.

Conducting a recall

TheCASP 2020 Corrective Action Guide offers guidance and information for businesses on product recalls and other corrective actions.

Information for Business on recalls

A business is obliged to inform both the manufacturer (if it is not the manufacturer) and the competent authority as soon as it becomes aware that a non-food consumer product may pose a risk to the safety and health of consumers.

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