Criminal enforcement


A cartel is an illegal agreement between two or more competitors not to compete with each other. The sole purpose of cartels is to make more profit for businesses at the expense of their customers.

Cartel Immunity Programme

Cartels are recognised as the most serious breach of competition law and are illegal throughout the European Union. The CCPC, along with the DPP, offers a Cartel Immunity Programme to cartel members who come forward.

Criminal court cases

Read about the outcomes of criminal cartel cases that resulted from investigations undertaken by the CCPC and its predecessor.

Vehicle crime

Traders should be aware of their responsibilities when selling second-hand vehicles.


Details of convictions secured against individuals and traders in the motor industry. Providing false or misleading information in relation to a vehicle’s history is a breach of consumer protection legislation.

Pyramid schemes

It is illegal in Ireland to establish, operate, promote or knowingly take part in a pyramid scheme. They work by offering individuals the opportunity to buy into a scheme associated with a product, however the profits are usually based on how many other individuals you recruit to the scheme.

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