Criminal enforcement


A cartel is an illegal agreement between two or more competitors not to compete with each other. The sole purpose of cartels, which usually …

Cartel Immunity Programme

Cartels are agreements to fix prices, share markets, limit production or engage in bid-rigging or collusive tendering. Cartels are illegal throughout the European Union. Indeed, throughout the world, cartels are recognised as the most serious breach of competition law.

Criminal court cases

Commercial Flooring Cartel Conviction Members of Home Heating Oil Cartel convicted of price fixing Members of Citro├źn Dealers Association cartel convicted of price fixing …

Vehicle crime

Traders should be aware of their responsibilities when selling second-hand vehicles.


Mr Mark Healy convicted for providing false information in relation to the prior history of a car, 9 July 2019 Following an investigation by …

Pyramid schemes

Pyramid schemes are marketing and investment frauds in which an individual is offered an opportunity to market a particular product. However, profit is gained …

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