Cartel whistleblowers

Make an anonymous report

The CCPC offers a secure and confidential service, which is run on a third party platform. It allows members of the public to share information and evidence about illegal cartel behaviour with the CCPC so we can investigate it.

You can help tackle illegal business behaviour by making a confidential report to us using the whistleblowing service. The type of behaviour we want to hear about includes businesses agreeing:

  • on prices, including discounts or margins
  • to divide up markets and not compete against each other in certain areas
  • to limit production in order to make sure prices remain high
  • not to compete on certain tenders and/or who will win a tender for a contract

Cartels are difficult to detect because they are generally conducted in secret. Therefore, we rely on information from people who have knowledge of cartels in order to investigate them.

The CCPC recognises that there are situations where someone who has knowledge or specific information about a cartel might be reluctant to report it for fear of negative consequences or reprisals. By using the whistleblowing service, you can remain anonymous while helping us to tackle illegal cartel activity.

Your anonymity is protected

The information you provide through the anonymous whistleblowing service cannot be traced back to you, as long as you do not enter any details that identify you. This service allows you to communicate with CCPC staff via an anonymous mailbox.

The tool is designed to ensure the highest possible data security and privacy settings, and it encrypts any data and information provided. It is also regularly tested by external security experts.

How do I submit an anonymous message?

You can report a suspected cartel by using the anonymous whistleblowing service, or if you prefer you can copy and paste the following address into a new browser window:

Your message will be sent securely by following the instructions in the form. After you send your message you will receive an ID and a password on the screen. Save these in a secure manner. You will remain anonymous throughout the contact.

You will need your identification number and password to enter a secure anonymous mailbox. You can expect a message from the CCPC within five days. If you forget or lose your ID or password, please complete a new report and refer to your original report.

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