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Make a complaint about anti-competitive behaviour

  • Email:
  • Phone: 353 1 402 5500
  • Write to: CCPC, Bloom House, Railway Street, Dublin 1, D01 C576


  • The CCPC may be required by law to disclose confidential information obtained during an investigation, legal proceedings or under the Freedom of Information Act 1997.
  • Please let us know in your complaint if you have confidentiality concerns.
  • If you wish to submit a cartel complaint anonymously you can do so by using our whistleblowing service. It allows you to report an alleged cartel while remaining completely anonymous, using a third party platform. The information you provide cannot be traced back to you and uses an anonymous mailbox to allow you to communicate with CCPC investigators. Find out more about our whistleblowing service.

Next steps

We may contact you about the information you provide to us. Your complaint will be considered and logged on our database.

Your contact details

(If you wish to submit a complaint anonymously, please enter “N/A” in the name and address fields)

  • If you are complaining about a particular business practice or behaviour, please provide us additional information on
    The product(s) or service(s) at the centre of your complaint (name, brand, the issue with the product or service)
    How you are affected by the situation, (are you a Customer, Supplier, Competitor?) and/or
    Who are the main competitors in the market;
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