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About us

Find out about the role and work of the CCPC, the structure of the organisation and the Chairperson and Members.

How we decide to take action

With a broad remit, and limited resources, the CCPC must prioritise the work it does, along with carrying out its statutory functions. Find out how we prioritise issues and work.

What we do with information you provide

Find out what happens after you get in touch with us about a consumer complaint, or suspected breaches of consumer protection or competition law.

What we do with information we take during a search

The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) has the power, under its legislation, to carry out unannounced searches of business premises and private homes, …


We work with a number of other organisations in Ireland and internationally in our work. We also have a number of co-operation agreements with other regulators and public sector bodies.

Financial education

Find out about the programmes and initiatives the CCPC runs with the aim of improving financial literacy in Ireland, and how you can benefit.

Annual reports

Every year the CCPC publishes an annual report. Annual reports from the National Consumer Agency and Competition Authority are also available.

Protected Disclosures Annual Reports

Section 22 of the Protected Disclosures Act 2014 requires the publication of an Annual Report each year relating to the number of protected disclosures made in the preceding year and any actions taken in response to such disclosures.

Strategy statements

Every three years the CCPC produces a Strategy Statement setting out its mission, vision and values and strategic priorities for the period.

Customer service charter

As a public sector organisation, we are committed to providing a quality service to citizens. This Service Charter sets out the standards of service which you can expect to receive from us.


Find out about current vacancies and careers in the CCPC and how to apply.

Freedom of information

The FOI Act applies to the CCPC. Find out how to make an FOI request, and read about our FOI Publication Scheme.

Finance, payments and levy

Read the CCPC’s financial statements, payments procedures, payments, contracts and find out more about the levy on financial services firms, which part funds the work of the CCPC.

Other authorities / links

Here we have a useful list of other bodies who might be in a position to help you if we’re not the right organisation.

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