How to notify

Pre-notification discussions

Pre-merger notification discussions are voluntary. For parties who have expressed their intention to notify a merger or acquisition, the Competition Enforcement and Mergers Division of the CCPC is available for pre-merger notification discussions. The main purpose of pre-merger notification discussions is to: (i) assist parties in deciding whether a merger or acquisition is suitable for review under the Simplified Merger Notification Procedure; (ii) assist parties in preparing the merger notification form; and (iii) give parties the opportunity to provide information to the CCPC about the nature of competition and any potential competition issues in the markets, industries or sectors concerned.

For further information on pre-merger notification discussions please click here.

Merger notification form

Notification of a merger or acquisition must be done by completing and submitting the merger notification form and supporting documentation to the CCPC. The form specifies the information required from the notifying parties and gives guidance on issues relevant for making a notification.

Notifications must be submitted to the CCPC before 3p.m. Monday – Friday (excluding public holidays).

To download the merger notification form, please click here.

Parties can notify a merger or acquisition under the Simplified Merger Notification Procedure or the standard merger review procedure. Parties are not required to complete certain sections of the merger notification form if the merger or acquisition is notified under Simplified Merger Notification Procedure. The exemptions are set out in the Simplified Merger Notification Procedure Guidelines.

The CCPC’s predecessor the Competition Authority issued a letter dated 5 July 2013 highlighting the distinction between a “notifying party” and an “undertaking involved” for the purposes of the merger notification form. The guidance set out in that letter remains relevant for mergers notified to the CCPC.  A copy of the letter is available to download here.

Notification fee

Notification of a merger or acquisition must be accompanied by a fee of €8,000 (S.I. No. 623 of 2002). The fee is payable by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) to the CCPC using the bank account details set out in the merger notification form.


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