Vehicle crime

Traders should be aware of their responsibility when selling second-hand vehicles.

There is a requirement for professional diligence by all traders in their field of activity and a need for them to act in good faith in all aspects of a given transaction. In relation to purchasing cars, consumers should be able to rely on accurate information from car dealers in relation to a vehicle’s roadworthiness and its history, including mileage. All material information should be fully disclosed to any prospective purchaser, in order that they can make an informed decision.

Traders should be aware of the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act 2007 in relation to providing false or misleading information to consumers, and the requirement under product safety legislation that only safe products should be placed on the market. Traders that mislead consumers about vehicles being sold or who sell defective vehicles are potentially in breach of consumer legislation and are liable to decisive enforcement action, including prosecution, by the CCPC.

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