Civil Court Cases

CCPC secures commitments in Resale Price Maintenance case

Following an investigation, the CCPC and Coach House entered into an agreement in which Coach House has agreed not to engage in Resale Price Maintenance.

High Court undertakings from the IMO following decision to withdraw services

We initiated proceedings against the Irish Medical Organisation (IMO) in 2013 following their refusal to cancel a decision of its GP Committee to withdraw certain patient services in protest at proposed Government cuts to fees paid to GPs.

Resale price maintenance of FitFlop branded footwear

Following an investigation, we formed the view that Brazil Body Sportswear (BBS), the distributor of FitFlop branded footwear, had infringed competition law by imposing resale price maintenance and a passive sales ban.

Guidance on Agreements between Competitors to Reduce Capacity

In January 2011, the Competition Authority (predecessor of the CCPC) reached a settlement in its long-running proceedings against the Beef Industry Development Society (BIDS).

Agreements to reduce capacity in the Irish beef processing industry are prohibited

In 2003 we began legal proceedings against the Beef Industry Development Society (BIDS) in response to an agreement between competitors to reduce capacity in the Irish beef processing industry.

LVA and VFI in contempt of court

We initiated legal proceedings against the Licensed Vintners Association (LVA) and Vintners’ Federation of Ireland (VFI) alleging that their December 2008 “price freeze” was in breach of previous High Court Orders. 

High Court settlement with IMO following price fixing investigation

In 2005 we began an investigation into allegations of price-fixing by the Irish Medical Organisation (IMO) in relation to providing Private Medical Attendant Reports (PMARs) to life assurance companies.

Supreme Court overturns High Court abuse of dominance ruling in the market for Credit Union representation

In 2007 the Supreme Court overturned an earlier High Court judgment that the Irish League of Credit Unions (ILCU) had abused its dominant position in the market for Savings Protection for Members’ Deposits in Credit Unions.

High Court undertakings secured from dentists following collective boycott

Legal proceedings were initiated against the Irish Dental Association following allegations of a collective boycott of a private dental insurance scheme being introduced by VHI DeCare.

Allegation of price fixing in the sale of alcohol to the public

We initiated legal proceedings against the Vintners Federation of Ireland (VFI) in 1998 in relation to allegations of price-fixing in the sale of alcoholic drinks.

Settlements reached in retail milk price fixing case

Following the initiation of proceedings against various parties over allegations concerning retail price fixing of milk, settlements were reached with Tesco in 2002, with Glanbia and Sligo Dairies in 2003 and with Dairygold in 2004.

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