Information for Business on recalls

Notifying a dangerous or non-compliant product

A business is obliged to inform both the manufacturer (if it is not the manufacturer) and the competent authority as soon as it becomes aware that a non-food consumer product may pose a risk to the safety and health of consumers.

A business must also inform consumers of unsafe products on the Irish market and can use the recall notice template when posting a recall notice to consumers.

If the business is conducting a recall, it is obliged to notify the CCPC of the actions it proposes taking. If the recall involves a product that has been placed on more than one market (two Member States or more), the CCPC is required to notify the European Commission via Safety Gate (formerly know as RAPEX). The European Commission then transmits this information to all EU Member States.

The notify an unsafe product page of our website contains information on how to submit a notification to the CCPC. If the product has also been sold in other EU or EEA states, the Business Gateway can be used to submit a notification on the product.

It is essential that if a risk to consumers posed by a product is discovered the product is removed from sale and a notification is submitted immediately. The notification must be submitted even if not all of the information is available. Further information can be submitted later.

The CCPC must be notified if a product causes:

  • damage to health, including damage that is not found immediately
  • accident, such as a fire or an accident requiring hospitalisation
  • dangerous situation, including situations with impacts that are not immediately evident
  • serious close calls that could have resulted in an accident ; or

You have reason to believe a product presents a risk.

Even a minor risk factor in the product may require a notification in the following situations:

  • the product is widely distributed or a large number of products have been sold
  • the danger is not obvious, meaning that it is difficult for consumers to detect it
  • the product is intended for children, young people or the elderly

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