Notify Unsafe Motor Vehicles under the Motor Vehicle Framework

The Road Safety Authority has been appointed as the Market Surveillance Authority for Motor Vehicles. All notifications of unsafe motor vehicles within the scope of the Motor Vehicle Framework should be notified to the RSA at

The RSA is the market surveillance authority for the following types of road vehicles within scope of the Motor Vehicle Framework:

  1. Category L: for example, motorbikes, mopeds, trikes
  2. Category M: for example, passenger cars, minibuses, coaches
  3. Category N:  for example, commercial vans, jeeps, trucks
  4. Category O: for example, car trailers and cargo trailers

If you have a query relating to a motor vehicle recall or have concerns about the safety of your motor vehicle you should contact the RSA at

The CCPC has no statutory role under the Motor Vehicle Framework. The CCPC has no role with respect to business notifications of unsafe motor vehicles or alerting consumers of motor vehicle recalls or withdrawals on its website.

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