What is a CE mark?

The CE mark looks like this:

CE Mark

The CE mark on a product is an indication that the product meets the essential safety requirements of harmonised product safety legislation.

Where must the CE mark appear?

The CE mark should only be affixed to products in compliance with harmonised product safety legislation, which includes the Toys Safety Regulations, the PPE Regulations, the Low Voltage Regulations and the Gas Appliances Regulations.

The CE mark should be affixed to the product, to its instruction manual or to packaging in a visible, easily legible and permanent form. The mark must appear on the product unless there are good technical reasons why it cannot appear, and it must be at least 5mm high.

What products should not display a CE mark?

Products within scope of the General Product Safety Regulations should not be CE marked.

Antiques and second-hand products that have been reconditioned or repaired provided that the supplier clearly informs the buyer of this beforehand.

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