Information for Members of the Oireachtas

Members of the Oireachtas seeking information from the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) can do so through a dedicated email address, in accordance with Circular 25/2016, Protocol for the Provision of Information to Members of the Oireachtas by State Bodies under the aegis of Government Departments/Offices.

Emily Barry is the designated person with responsibility for ensuring the timely provision of information to members of the Oireachtas.

Our target deadlines for responding to queries from Oireachtas members are:

Acknowledgement: 3 working days

Substantive reply: 15 working days

The CCPC will report annually on compliance with the standards set out in Circular 25/2016,

Members of the Oireachtas who wish to give feedback to the CCPC can do so by emailing

Queries received

The CCPC will, where appropriate, publish its responses to queries from members of the Oireachtas, in the spirit of Open Government Partnership.

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