Money skills for life

Money skills for life is a free one-hour personal finance talk, developed by the CCPC to provide financial education to employees, with the support of their employer.  The talk covers six topics:

  • Sorting out your money
  • Saving and investing
  • Insurance
  • Borrowing money
  • Dealing with debt
  • Planning for later life

Money skills for life can be organised as a one-off talk or as part of a series of employee development and welfare events.  Talks are delivered by a CCPC trained presenter and each attendee gets a free handbook and planner to take home, which contains lots of useful information and tools to help them manage their money. You can find out more in our leaflet information for employers, or watch our short video of Money skills for life in action.

What attendees said about Money skills for life in 2016

  • 98% of attendees found the talk useful or very useful
  • 99% of attendees would recommend the talk to others
  • 99% of employers said that the talk met or exceeded their expectations

 Employer Feedback

  • “We thoroughly enjoyed and learned from the presentation. Excellent free service. I would definitely recommend to other organisations.”
  • “Practical approach to managing your money and planning for the future. Would highly recommend the talk.”

Attendee Feedback

  • “The resource pack will be an excellent tool in navigating the minefield of personal finances.”
  • “Excellent, lots of helpful information, very good presenter, handbooks were excellent.”

How do you book a talk?

All you have to do is make a location in your workplace available (ideally a room with PowerPoint facilities) on a date and time that suits you and make the booking through our online booking form. We do the rest!  If you have any questions, please email or call Kate on 01-4025 553.

Money skills for students

The cost of going to college often comes as a shock to students and their families. If you need some ideas about budgeting, saving and managing debt then talk to your welfare officer/student services about setting up a free Money skills for life talk at your college. Colleges can contact Kate O’Sullivan on 01-4025 553 for more information or use our online booking form.

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