Competition law developments in 2022

The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) is the statutory body with responsibilities in the fields of competition and consumer protection law. The mission of the CCPC is to use our knowledge, skills and statutory powers to promote competition and enhance consumer welfare. Our vision is for open and competitive markets where consumers are protected and businesses actively compete.

Directive (EU) 2019/1 (ECN+ Directive) empowers the competition authorities of the EU Member States to be more effective enforcers and to ensure the proper functioning of the internal market.

The Competition (Amendment) Bill 2022 (the Bill) transposes the ECN+ Directive into law. In addition, the Bill includes amendments to existing competition legislation, which are outside the scope of the ECN+ Directive. The purpose of these amendments is to further bolster the powers of the CCPC in the enforcement of EU and Irish competition law and the statutory merger review regime.

Public Consultations

The CCPC has developed a series of policies on the proposed operation of the new powers and responsibilities it will receive when the Bill is enacted and is opening a consultation process inviting submissions from Government Agencies, representative bodies, and other interested parties.

The consultation process is an opportunity for stakeholders to provide information and different perspectives on the issues involved in preventing infringements and properly enforcing competition law in Ireland. Stakeholder submissions are a vital source of information and views, helping to inform the CCPC’s updated policies and internal structures.

In responding to this consultation, we request that you identify the relevant section and paragraph number before providing your comments and feedback.

Confidentiality of submissions: Respondents are requested to note that the CCPC may publish the submissions that it receives in response to this consultation on its website. If you consider that any material should be redacted from the public version of your submission, please ensure that such material is clearly indicated in your submission.

Submissions will only be accepted when submitted via email to

More information on each policy is available by clicking the links listed below


Documents overview Consultation Dates Status
Administrative Leniency Policy for Cartels 14 February – 11 March 2022 Closed
Guidance Note on the interaction between the Cartel Immunity Programme (CIP) and the Administrative Leniency Policy (ALP) for Cartels 14 February – 11 March 2022 Closed
Guidance Note on the CCPC’s Choice of Enforcement Regime for Breaches of Competition Law 14 February – 11 March 2022 Closed
Guidelines on the determination of administrative financial sanctions and periodic penalty payments 4 April – 6 May 2022 Closed
Policy on the Access to the File Procedures 17 May – 10 June Closed
Proposal to extend the Administrative Leniency Policy (ALP) to cover conduct involving resale price maintenance (RPM). 4 July – 15 July Closed


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