Research and policy



Our comprehensive research programme develops evidence based and informed insights into consumer behaviour. We publish our insights so that other organisations can understand consumer behaviours and experiences.

Market studies

Our market studies are a way in which we promote competition and consumer welfare in the economy. We conduct market studies by assessing competition and/or consumer protection in a particular area and recommend ways of improving it so that consumers benefit.

Policy submissions

We represent consumer interests and promote competition by responding to public consultations, particularly those run by Government departments, Regulators, the EU Commission and the OECD.


Details of public consultations we have published and information on how to respond to our consultations.

Guidance for policy makers

We have prepared guidance for policymakers to help them assess whether proposals they are considering may have implications for competition. This guidance provides practical examples of how competition may be affected and sets out a checklist of questions which policymakers can use to test for likely competition impacts.

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